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Vigorun Smart Watch Fitness Tracker ID205S

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Vigorun Smart Watch Fitness Tracker



Vigorun Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

  • Vigorun Smartwatch, the versatile, everyday smartwatch. With all the core fitness and smart features, vibrant colours and an easy one-button design, this watch will inspire you to live boldly and make your goals reality. Track sleep and heart rates and receive text, call and app notifications. Water resistant, lightweight design and 10+ day battery life.Enjoy a slim, comfortable design and lightweight smartwatch body!
Vigorun Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
  • Heart rate monitoring & Sleep tracking:Equipped with wrist optical heart rate sensor, enter the heart rate test interface for a few seconds, display current heart rate measurement results.Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your health.Vigorun smart watch is tracking your sleep and generate sleep analysis reports by its APP to help you create a schedule and a bedtime routine so you can meet your sleep goals.Vigorun activity tracker can also monitor your sleep in real time, and provide a comprehensive sleep quality analysis to help you improve your sleep quality.
Vigorun Smart Watch Fitness Tracker


  • Stopwatch - Support function of the stopwatch and countdown function to measure the training time more precisely.It works to conduct stopwatch timing and pause.
  • Respiration training - It allows you to relax yourself and regulate your emotions when you are nervous.It is avaliable to conduct respiration training through the device to relieve the pressure.
  • Personalized Design - 1.3-inch TFT LCD single-touch screen, there are 3 dials for you to choose. With 3-level brightness settings, it's still clear to read time and data even under dazzling light.

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Vigorun Smart Watch Fitness Tracker