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Hosome Solar Wall Light Outdoor with 3 Adjustable Heads

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Main Features

Note: EU region only ship to Italy, Germany, France, Spain!

Hosome Solar Wall Light

【3-Head Outdoor Solar Light】The solar motion sensor light has 3 rotatable heads that you can adjust upward or downward and horizontally; the solar panel supports 45° upward or downward adjustment, so you can aim it better for sunlight; with up to 270° wide lighting angle, it can easily illuminate an area of 40㎡, far more flexible than single-head lights, and you can easily adjust the light according to your needs.

【3 Intelligent Lighting Modes】①Motion Sensor Mode: The solar light will automatically turn on when motion is detected at night and turn off 20s later after the person leaves.②Dim Light/Motion Sensor Mode: It will automatically turn on at dim light at night and turn to high brightness when motion is detected.③Normal-Light Mode: It will be constantly on at medium brightness at night, but will not change the brightness when motion is detected.

【Accurate & Sensitive Motion Sensor】With built-in sensitive motion sensor, the solar light integrates motion detection, light sensor and infrared sensor as a whole and has a sensing range up to 8-10M and a detection angle of 120°, making it easier for motion detection than other outdoor solar lights and bringing you added convenience. If no motion is detected, it will turn off after 20s, thus saving energy and electricity and extending its lifespan.

【Energy-Saving & Eco-Friendly】The solar wall light has a 2400mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, which is 900mAh higher than those of other products. The upgraded monocrystalline solar panel has a conversion rate as high as 20%, 2-3% higher than its counterparts. It’s not only eco-friendly with green solar charging, but also helps every family save on electricity bill.

【IP65 Waterproof & Easy Installation】Thanks to IP65 waterproof technology, the solar security light can withstand rain, snow or any other bad weather. Every Hosome solar light can definitely provide enhanced safety for you and your family! Besides, it doesn’t need any annoying wires for installation and can be widely used as yard light, garage light, entrance light, and etc.


Motion Sensor Mode: No Motion Detected, No Light; Motion Detected, High Brightness; No Motion Detected, No Light
Dim Light/Motion Sensor Mode: No Motion Detected, Dim Light; Motion Detected, High Brightness; No Motion Detected, Dim Light
Normal-Light Mode: Constantly On at Medium Brightness at Night
Hosome Solar Wall Light

Wide-Angle Illumination Range

Hosome Solar Wall Light

Higher Charging Efficiency

Monocrystalline solar panel features a conversion rate up to 20%.
For initial use, please first charge the solar light under the sun for over 8 hours.
Hosome Solar Wall Light

All Weather Adaptability

IP65 Waterproof/Heat Resistance/Frost Resistance
Hosome Solar Wall Light

Easy Installation:

Hosome Solar Wall Light
Package Included:
  • 1pcs /2pcs Hosome Solar Wall Light