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Hosome 7L Air Fryer 9 Preset Menu


Hosome 7L Air Fryer

Love deep-fried flavor but don't want all that extra fat and calories? This Hosome 7L large-capacity multi-purpose air fryer enables you to cook a wide variety of tastiest foods and snacks in a much healthier manner - with little to no oil. It uses 360° super hot air circulation to ensure your ingredients are heated from all directions rapidly and evenly, giving you that same amazing crunchy texture and delicious taste as conventional deep frying. No oil, no mess; hassle-free, guilt-free!

* Extra large 7L capacity for your family, guests and friends.
* 360° rapid hot air circulation technology.
* 1800W high power for rapid heating up to 200℃.
* 9 preset cooking options make cooking super easy with the touch of a button.
* Adjustable temperature control (50-200℃) and 1-60 min timer.
* Detachable non-stick frying basket, easy to clean.
* Auto shut-off safety feature for your peace of mind.

Main Features

 1. 7L Extra Large Capacity
Designed with your whole family in mind, this extra-large air fryer with a spacious 7L capacity frying basket allows you to cook up to 5-6 portions or a whole chicken in one go for your family and friends. Whether for a dinner party or a family gathering, Hosome air fryer can help you handle an endless variety of meals, but in a much healthier way!

2. LED Touch Panel & 9 Preset Menus
The air fryer features an LED touch control panel for convenient and intuitive operation. 9 versatile preset menus plus preheat function allow you to cook meat, veggies, fish, fries, shrimp and more to perfection with the simple touch of a button. You can also manually set the cooking time and temperature for personal recipes (±10℃ or ±1min per click).

3. Fast & Efficient Cooking
Thanks to the 1800W high power and 360° rapid hot air circulation, this multi-purpose air fryer circulates super hot air around your food from all sides to ensure your ingredients are rapidly and evenly heated, achieving the same amazing crispy, delicious flavor of deep-fried food, but without all the mess, greasy odor and added calories compared to traditional deep frying.

4. Non-stick Basket & Easy to Clean
The removable frying basket and frying pot of this air fryer oven are coated with food-grade non-stick material to make cleaning a breeze. You can effortlessly rinse them with water using a soft sponge, or just put them into a dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning. Besides, the auto shut-off safety feature and memory function offer added peace of mind.

5. Power-off Memory Function
When you draw out the frying pot during cooking, the air fryer will automatically stop working, and then you can check the cooking results, add seasonings or shake ingredients as needed; after you slide the frying pot back into the air fryer, the machine will resume working according to the preset cooking program, giving you total peace of mind.

6. Safe Materials & Healthy Cooking
Made of food-grade materials, this air fryer for family is FDA and LFGB certified to ensure your health and safety, 100% PFOA-free and BPA-free. It also runs at only 40-45dB with less disturbance to your family or guests. Start cooking healthy, flavorful meals with Hosome 7L large-capacity air fryer and let your culinary creativity roam free in the kitchen!

9 Preset Menu

Healthier Cooking, Healthier Lifestyle!

  • French Fries: 18 mins + 200℃
  • Meat: 12 mins + 200℃
  • Drumsticks: 20 mins + 200℃
  • Steak: 12 mins + 180℃
  • Cake: 25 mins + 160℃
  • Shrimp: 8 mins + 180℃
  • Fish: 10 mins + 180℃
  • Chicken: 30 mins + 200℃
  • Vegetables: 10 mins + 160℃

Package Included

1x Hosome 7L air fryer