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June 21, 2021 2 min read

At present, the portable mini projectors on the market basically use Texas DLP technology and LED as the light source. However, the service life of LED lights is uneven, ranging from a few hours to tens of thousands of hours. The most important part of the micro projector, the quality of the LED is directly related to the service life of the projector, and only a good LED projector will have a long service life.

Projector resolution

The resolution of the projector is of course the most important reference step. The higher the resolution, the better the projection effect. This is inevitable. However, if you want to choose a projector, a resolution of 854*480 is sufficient. Now on the market This is the common resolution.

Projector brightness

A common phenomenon when people choose a projector will give priority to its brightness. However, the brightness of a micro projector is not as brighter as possible. If a flower that is too bright generates a lot of high temperature, it will easily damage the machine. And the brightness lumens value on the market basically has a virtual table. If you refer to the lumens value, the flower will have a larger deviation, generally as long as the effect of the picture can be clearly seen in a dark environment.

Generally, as long as the thickness of a projector does not exceed five centimeters, the measured lumen value generally does not exceed 150 lumens. So don't pay special attention to the lumen value when choosing a micro projector.

Look at whether the functions are complete. At present, the common projectors on the market basically support the installation system or the Apple system. I think VEZ, Tsinghua, XGIMI and other types of substrates support wireless connection to mobile phones. Another thing is to see if the interfaces on the projector are complete. Generally, there will be HDMI, USB, TF and other interfaces on the projector, and some have VGA interfaces.

At present, the common micro projectors on the market generally have their own built-in memory and battery. I think one of the VEZ has its own memory and battery, and it also supports the charging function, and can also be used as a power bank.

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