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June 18, 2021 2 min read

Speaking of air fryer, many people may think of the picture of air "frying" food. In fact, the air fryer can fry crispy, healthy and delicious food even without oil. How to use the oil free air fryers?

The air fryer is not difficult to operate, just connect it to the power supply to preheat, and then put the selected ingredients in. If you put ingredients on the food, you can take it out and sprinkle it in a few minutes, and then put it in for frying; if you choose a large ingredient, you can also take it out and flip it during the production process. Compared with traditional fried foods, foods made with air fryer have a more fragrant and crispy taste.

Because the oil free air fryer uses high-speed air circulation technology, the fat content of the food produced by it will be lower than 80% of the food in the traditional electric fryer; the steam and smell produced by the frying will also be less than that of the traditional frying.

Specific steps to use oil free air fryer

1. Clean the frying pan and basket of the oil air fryer with detergent, warm water and sponge. If there is dust on the surface of the oil free air fryer, it is recommended that you wipe it directly with a damp cloth.

2. Place the oil free air fryer on a flat surface, and then place the frying basket in the fryer.

3. Connect the power supply. Simply plug the power source of the oil free air fryer into a grounded power outlet.

4. Pull out the frying pan carefully, put the selected ingredients on the frying basket, and finally push the frying pan into the air fryer.

5. Set the time and turn on the button to start the cooking process.

6. When it reaches the preset time, it will ring the timer. Then pull out the frying pan.

7. Check if the ingredients are cooked successfully, and take out the small ingredients to avoid waste of ingredients.

8. Press the switch to remove the frying basket, take out the frying basket, and then pour the ingredients in the basket on the plate or bowl.

9. After the oil free air fryer cools down, clean it immediately.

Precautions for using oil free air fryer

First of all, before use, if you want to clean the frying pan or basket, please choose a non-abrasive sponge to avoid scratching it and affecting its normal performance.

Secondly, during the cooking process, if you want to flip the ingredients, please don't touch them directly with your hands, but grab the handle, take out the frying pan and flip it. After turning it, slide it into the fryer.

When you hear the timer sound, you need to pull out the frying pan and place it on a heat-resistant surface. After all, its temperature has not cooled down at this time. If it is placed on a surface that is not heat resistant, it will have a certain impact on the surface.

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