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June 17, 2021 2 min read

In the hot summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher, people's demand for cold drinks is increasing, and it is the season of free-flowing drinks. Do you have a good ice maker machine? Have your ice maker machine been cleaned up?

Ice maker machine cleaning steps

1. Clean the ice mold and water inlet equipment;

2. Remove the front panel;

3. Set the main switch to the ON position and the toggle switch to the OFF position;

4. Remove the evaporation baffle;

5. Inject 200 grams (400 grams into MV50) of ice maker cleaning fluid into the water tank, and set the button switch position to the cleaning position for 15 minutes;

6. Clean each ice mold of the evaporator with cleaning fluid;

7. Set the switch to the OFF position, remove the drain plug in the water tank, use it for the cleaning liquid in the cleaning water tank injected into the water tank, and put the drain plug back to its original place;

8. Repeat cleaning the water tank 2-3 times;

9. Place the toggle switch in the ice making position;

10. Reinstall the evaporator baffle;

11. Check the ice cubes produced next time, all the cleaning liquid has been cleaned out (without sour taste);

12. Pour hot water into the storage refrigerator to melt the ice cubes, and clean the water storage tank drain pipe.

Precautions for ice maker machine cleaning

1. If the ice maker machine is used frequently, the ice maker should be cleaned once every two months. When cleaning, cut off the power first and use neutral detergent to scrub. It is strictly forbidden to clean with acidic, alkaline and other corrosive solvents. Attention should be paid to wipe the dust with a cloth frequently on the outside.

2. The ice maker machine must clean the dust on the surface of the condenser fins every three months, otherwise the ice maker compressor and other components will be damaged due to poor ventilation and heat dissipation of the ice maker.

When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, a small brush, etc. to clean the oil dust on the surface of the condenser of the ice maker machine. Be careful not to clean with sharp metal tools to avoid damaging the radiator.

3. In order to maintain the sanitation of the ice maker machine, it is recommended to open the water inlet hose every two months and clean the water inlet valve filter. Because there will be some impurities in the water, if it is not cleaned for a long time, it will block the water inlet, making the water inflow smaller and smaller, resulting in failure to make ice normally. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent these impurities from blocking the water inlet.

The correct use of the ice maker machine can reduce its failure rate and ensure its high-performance functions. Regular maintenance of the ice maker is extremely important to the service life and ice making effect of the ice maker.

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