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July 08, 2021 3 min read

Most people can't resist the temptation of fried foods, but the oil content of ordinary fried foods is seriously above the standard at a glance, not to mention the lingering fats.

The air fryer, which focuses on "oil-free cooking", can have both health and deliciousness. How amazing is the air fryer? How should we buy an air fryer?

Working principle of air fryer

The working principle of air fryer is divided into the following steps:

1. The air is quickly heated by the top baking device.

2. A rapid circulating heat flow is formed inside the food basket through a high-power fan.

3. The special pattern in the food basket forms a vortex heat flow, which touches the surface of the food in all directions 360 degrees, and quickly removes the water vapor generated by heating. The three functions work synergistically, thereby forming a golden and crisp surface layer on the food surface to achieve the appearance of frying. And taste!

Standards for judging the quality of air fryer

To judge whether an air fryer is good enough, it only needs to see whether it can simulate the effect of frying to the greatest extent.

The air fryer replaces hot oil with hot air. The realization of this process imposes two strict requirements on the air in the fryer.

One is temperature and the other is fluidity, because only fast-moving hot air can imitate the state of hot oil wrapping food.

The hot air circulates quickly in the closed pot, and while heating the food, it blows away the moisture on the surface of the food, so that the food can achieve a similar frying effect without boiling oil.

Speaking of this, the characteristics of a good air fryer are clearly on the paper: the temperature control is good, and the hot air circulation effect is good. In addition, heating efficiency is also an important consideration.

However, after testing by Zhidian Laboratory, the heating efficiency of 50% air fryer is not too ideal. It cannot reach the set temperature value within the preheating time, so it can only extend the preheating or heating time.

Five elements to choose an air fryer

The first point: security

First of all, you have to see whether there is a 3C safety mark, which is the basic standard for the quality of air fryer. It is recommended to choose the air fryer with the national warranty, so that the after-sales service is more convenient.

The second point: chassis design

The air fryer must be heated evenly in all directions at 360°. The design of the chassis is very important. Some air fryer chassis have spiral protrusions, which are beneficial to the circulation of hot air and increase the heating area.

Third point: control panel

The control panel is divided into computer control and mechanical control. Their cooking effects are the same. The main difference lies in the way of control command input.

These two modes of operation have their own supporters, and the specific choice depends on personal preference.

Fourth point: easy to clean

Air fryer will stimulate food grease during the cooking process, so cleaning the frying basket is an important step. The frying basket must be removable. The material is food-grade material, preferably with a non-stick coating, so that it is easier to clean.

Fifth point: heat insulation performance

In the working process of the air fryer, the temperature inside is very high. If the heat insulation performance is not good, the outer surface of the product may cause burns.

Among the air fryer we reviewed, there is an air fryer with a transparent window, which is not good in heat insulation. Therefore, when purchasing an air fryer, don’t just look at the design, but also consider safety and safety. Practicality.

What is the difference between an air fryer and a traditional oven?

1. The air fryer does not need to be preheated, and the heating efficiency is high.

2. The air fryer occupies a small area.

3. The cooking space inside the air fryer is small.


When purchasing an air fryer, you must measure it according to the three dimensions of ultimate performance (light luxury), comprehensive performance (strength), affordable and better performance (price), in order to find the best air fryer.

I believe that after reading this, everyone knows how to choose a good air fryer.

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